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by zaxome at 9:26 PM
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Hello everyone,

I thought it would probably be a good idea to let you know how your progress is saved on Nimania.

I setup the server to create automatic backups daily at 7AM (UTC -4). These backups are saved on the host server, so there is always the chance of losing the server files and the backups is something goes wrong.

Since the backup files are very large I download a copy to my external HDD weekly just in case anything should happen to the online backups.

Quick update on the server status:

Everything is working as it should. Spawn renovations will be done next week.
by zaxome at 3:00 AM
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A lot of progress has been made since www.nimania.net went online.

Those of you that have been here since the start have noticed how the template has changed and a lot of new functionality added. I will state the most important additions here as the rest is not visible anyway.

Completed (visible):
  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Google Integration
  • Steam Integration
  • User Moods
  • ShoutBox
  • Galleries (10 Albums max per user)
  • Donation Page
  • Store (Merchandise & other stuff).
  • Email Subscriptions
  • Account Trophies
  • Best Answer Selection
  • Jump to Page Link
  • Poke Users

To do list:
  • Forum Nodes

As of right now all core functionality of the website is working 100%.
by zaxome at 2:29 AM
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A lot of work has gone into the server this past month, leaving no time for website work.

The Nimania server is 100% completed and ready to accept players. If you run into any issues simply use the correct forum to post the details and it will be fixed.

The website will be ready by September 27th.

To do list:

Add all forum nodes.
Tweak and polish the website (most of this stuff will not be visible).