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by zaxome at 6:01 AM
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The Survival Games Minigame has been added to Nimania. It will be a permanent addition to the server. You can join a game at any time by using /sg join and clicking on the lobby join sign or walk to te lobby from spawn. There will be a survival games tournament every saturday.

You will not lose power when you die in the Survival Games arena, however, vampires need to watch out for the sun, that stuff kills you. This will not change because vampires have powers that can be very effective in the survival games.

Other updates and changes.:
  • Passive mode has been removed.
  • Infernal Mobs have been added, there is a 10% chance of a normal mob becoming an Infernal Mob. These mobs have special powers, if you are not well prepared stay away from them.
  • Lockette has been replaced with LWC. This is because signs on chests are ugly. LWC has been configured not to protect against explosions.
  • Legends can no longer use /jump and Lords can no longer use /top. Due to the commands...
by zaxome at 10:37 PM
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Here are the requested changes and updates:
  • Cannons have been added, creating a cannon is easy and fun to use. Every player can create a maximum of 10 cannons at a time. Me or carred20 will post a tutorial on how to create cannons.
  • The town of Riften has been added for players with the 'Knight' rank to travel to. You will be able to rent houses for $400 per day (max 1 rent per player per town).
  • You can catch mobs using eggs and redstone! All you need is 1 egg and 5 redstone to catch animals and 1 egg and 10 redstone to catch monsters. Every ascending rank can catch more types of mobs. There is a 70% change of a catch to fail so come prepared!
Town prices, travel and other changes:

The price to rent a house in each town has been changed according to the rank required to rent the house, the prices are as follow:
  • Tortuga: $100/day (Apprentice)
  • Everton $200/day (Explorer)
  • Arkala: $300/day (Artisan)
  • Riften: $400/day (Knight)
  • Northpass:...
by zaxome at 8:54 PM
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It was a busy week for Nimania, over 550 people have joined so far with a maximum of 20 people online simultaneously.

These are the updates and changes:
  • The global player market that was run via command has been removed and replaced with a physical market underneath spawn. Players can rent a shop plot for $100 a day (1 vote) and sell anything they want. Other players can walk around and view everything that is for sale. Buying and selling items has never been easier.
  • The broken lottery plugin has been removed and replaced with a working version.
  • There are random treasure chest that now spawn every hour, once a new chest spawns the old chest is removed. Only one player can claim the treasure chest so you have to be the fast. Treasures span from Enchantment Books to Diamonds and other expensive items.
  • The Vampire tutorial area has been polished and should be easy to understand.
  • The Azmar Docks now display what rank you need to travel to other cities, NPC's have...
by zaxome at 3:00 AM
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Here are the updates up until now:
  • I have removed the custom mobs due to the fact that some of them were broken and other too overpowered. In Return the default Minecraft mobs are set to hard.
  • The server '/lottery' has been added for those lucky players.
  • Voting no longer broadcasts globally, instead only you will see your reward (less chat spam).
  • By voting you have a chance to get your usual reward plus diamonds!
  • Northpass has been added as the Legends-only towns, ranks are free but you have to work to get there.
  • Spawn has one new structure with lootable items.
  • The Vampires tutorial has been completed.
  • The Azmar Treasuries has been completed.
  • There is less chance of Herobrine haunting you.
To do list:
  • Houses in Everton, Northpass, Arkala, and Tortuga can be bought.
  • Spawn renovations.
by zaxome at 3:09 PM
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We currently have the server listed on 15 server list sites. Most of them are bumped automatically every 24 hours so people can see the and join server. If we have more votes however, the chance of our server being at the top of the page is greatly increased.

Please help advertise Nimania to new players by voting for the server on this page, Nimania does not run on donations and does not 'give' ranks/perks in return for 'donations'. We do accept donations if you want to help.

Any money we receive from donations will go to advertising and server hosting costs ($40 a month).

Thanks for your support!
by zaxome at 2:28 AM
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I know that the server has been down for the last 5 hours, I have been working hard trying to figure out what the problem is. When I know more I will update this thread.

Hopefully Nimania will be back online before midnight (UTC -4).


The server is back online. This is what the host said about the issue "The panel issue has been resolved. This is a bug in the MultiCraft panel that occasionally (though very rarely) crops up - it simply stops reading the console output so it doesn't show the server as 'Online'. A panel restart resolves the issue, so if it happens again at any time please let us know."
by zaxome at 11:39 PM
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I have received reports that some people have not been automatically upgraded to the next rank. This was caused by an error in the Advanced Config file for the AutoRank plugin and has now been fixed.

  • You no longer need to kill a certain amount of mobs to rank up.
  • After set amount of time is played, you will automatically be promoted.
Please use this thread to report bugs and glitches. This way everyone else can see and confirm the bug/glitch.
by zaxome at 6:05 PM
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Hello, I have received some messages about Herobrine burning and killing players. After investigating the issue I decided to make some changes to the Herobrine plugin, here are the changes:
  • Herobrine no longer attacks players.
  • Herobrine no longer burns players.
  • Herobrine will spawn random totems, signs, books, and temples.
  • Herobrine will spawn a angry wolf (which is easy to defeat).
  • Herobrine will bury the player and give the player nausea.
  • Herobrine will spawn random 'demons' next to the temples, these can be ignored thus do not cause immediate danger to the player.
  • Herobrine will send the player to the graveyard world occasionally.
All these events are very rare and random.
by zaxome at 9:26 PM
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Hello everyone,

I thought it would probably be a good idea to let you know how your progress is saved on Nimania.

I setup the server to create automatic backups daily at 7AM (UTC -4). These backups are saved on the host server, so there is always the chance of losing the server files and the backups is something goes wrong.

Since the backup files are very large I download a copy to my external HDD weekly just in case anything should happen to the online backups.

Quick update on the server status:

Everything is working as it should. Spawn renovations will be done next week.