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The History of Nimania

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by zaxome, Oct 31, 2016.

  • by zaxome, Oct 31, 2016 at 5:33 AM
  • zaxome

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    Sep 18, 2016
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    Hi everyone, I wanted to write this post a few weeks ago but never found the time to do so. I had to make sure the server was clear of any bugs or other issues before I took the time write this (thank you for posting bug report by the way, it has been very helpful and improved the server). Sometimes people ask me how old Nimania is or if there are regular resets, the answer to the first question is not a simple one. This will answer any questions you might have of the server.

    In 2010 I found out about a game called Minecraft from my (at the time) best friend and cousin 'littlegangster' aka 'jrperdomo' (mc usernames). I saw an AD of the game before he told me about it but I thought it was too complicated to play (I mean, how am I supposed to craft a sword, in what order do I place the blocks? What is crafting anyway?) at the time this was all new so I did not see the fun in it at first. After about a month when littleganster told me about the game I decided to try it out and really liked how simple and unique it was, there was nothing and still is nothing like it. After playing offline for a while he told me that we could not join a server and play together and introduced me to a server called Nimania, it was the first server I ever joined. Nimania was in a lot of ways like this version of it, but I will get to that later. Nimania was obviously not made by me, it's creator was nima304, is was a survival and towny server. So why is this server called Nimania, again, we will get to that later.

    After I joined I created a hidden base somewhere inside a waterfall close to a small lake, in the mean time my cousin had a fight with his two brothers about some items that were gone (Knowing littlegangster it was him but I decided to stay out of it), they mostly blew up their underground base and split up. Littlegangster joined me and my quest to build the best and most powerful base ever. We settled somewhere far away from spawn and became the richest players in the server (with help from xray ofcourse). For the record, I did not know about xray, littlegangter and his brothers always likesd to 'hack' any game they joined so he naturally told me about xray. However this peace did not last forever. Me and my cousin had a fight and things got sour from that point onward. Inside the new base we build a paintball arena where me and littlegangster would shoot arrows at eachother (at the time you did not have to power up the bow), things were going well for us at that time.

    There was an annoying and abusive administrator that liked to well, annoy, players. We heard many sotries from other players being burned to teleported out of their bases, to being raided by the administrator. After me and littlegangster fought and killed each other I secretly told the administrator the coordinated of our base to come blow it up with my cousin inside it (after I took all the valuables of course). After the base was mostly gone and littlegangster left with nothing I decided it was time to quit Minecraft, I did not want to play alone but more importantly Nimania was changing from a towny PVP server into a PVE server. Me and littlegangster protested the change but apparently most new players preferred to have an un-raidable base. We quit the server and decided to look for a server similar to Nimania, there was none. I even offered to buy Nimania but the price was too high for me. I decided it was time to learn how to create my own server.

    This is when SpeedCraftPVP was born. The idea behind SpeedcraftPVP and all other servers that came after it was to be just like Nimania before it changed, to be the perfect server. What is a perfect server? It had to be challenging, free, complex but simple. The first iteration was just pure testing, me and my cousin were flying around blowing stuff up with TNT and the occasional unlucky new joined player (Yes, admin abuse). We (mostly me) built a spawn and started installing plugins, everything was new to me at this time. The first player to ever join my Minecraft server was a player called WhiteZenthon. My cousin was never as interested as I was in owning and building the perfect server, he was always messing around trying to spook new players. This is when I found out about Planet Minecraft because of a guy valled 'infernalsatan'. He told me he could get 20 people online if I made him a moderator and gave him creative, I gave him the rank and powers and he did as promised. I asked him how he did it he said Planet Minecraft. I immediately went to the site and posted the server there, after posting my server on Planet Minecraft we got over 50 players online. I kept reposting the server over and over again, each time more people would join. At this time there was no limit to how many times you could post the server on Planet Minecraft, I must have posted the server over 30 times a day on that website. In total over 7000 people joined SpeedCraftPVP and about 50 were on at the same time, all the time.

    Deviating from the main story a little, I also posted many skins and world that I did not create on Planet Minecraft, this was to get a lot of followers so that a lot of people would like and see the server posts. I was banned for this about 5 times, the last time I was banned it was permanent. After being banned for 6 months I appealed the ban and it was lifted, at first I did as promised and only posted what I created (the server) but I later went back to posting skins and world I found online.

    At some point SpeedcraftPVP was upgraded to a new spawn. This was because I found out that I could download projects from Planet Minecraft and other world sharing websites. I dowbloaded a build called Grand Royal. This is the current town of 'Arkala' in Nimania. A lot of new players liked the new spawn and decided to stay. I built a server shop in the town square, added minigames such as Mob Arena, Spleef, Survival Games, Paintball and Skyblock. I was getting better and better at improving the server. My cousin on the other hand was just playing Minecraft, at some point he started asking people for donations in return for ranks, I did not mind this as long as half of the money went to me so I could pay for the super expensive (at the time) server host (instead of relying on my uncle to pay the hosting costs). A player called fpsrussian donated a very large amount, but my cousin did not keep to our agreement. He took everything and temporarily left the server. After talking to him about it in real life I decided to ignore what happened and welcome him back as co-owner (I never found out what happened to the donation).

    SpeedcraftPVP's was reset 4 times by now. Littlegangster bought a new Minecraft account called jrperdomo, I was still working on improving the server. The reason I build a server was to enjoy playing in a server like Nimania but I never got a chance to do this since there was always something to fix or to add. This is when my cousin decided it was fun to destroy the server economy, he transfered billions to each player so they could buy unlimited items. I decided to forever remove him from his role as administrator and co-owner, this is when our friendship started going down hill, but that stuff is personal. I lost interest in the server and changed it's name to Nezoco after a reset, a lot of players left because I did this and I do not blame them, I again changed the server name to Nuxwizard after another sudden reset. I even decided to let jrperdomo run the server while I went and do something else, I had enough.

    At this point a lot of legacy players like mrsexy53, zgirl2106, rubyskull, HUNTERX2002, groggyminer, JohnMY joined the server. Carred20 also joined at this time. The year was 2011. I decided it was time to change the name once more to something that made more sense. Fortress Wars. Along with the name name came another reset, everything was removed and a new spawn was imported, jrperdomo was also removed as owner and was also banned. The new spawn was a white circular ship about 500 blocks by 500 blocks (you can find it somewhere in present day Nimania). Fortress Wars was the best version of the server at the time, I learned a lot of past mistakes and made one of the best factions server out there. At it's peak 118 of 100 maximum players joined, this was the most concurrent players ever in my server, before or since.

    After a few months of endless raids and PVP I decided to close the server and do something else for a while, this was a very sudden decision that I regret to this day (I always had a tendency to just delete something when I lost interest, no matter how much work I put into it, I know, weird). After missing Minecraft I went back to building Fortress Wars from scratch. What I just explained happened 4 times, the last version of Fortress Wars was called Fortress Wars 4 (FW 4). Fortress Wars 4 was the best version of all the Fortress Wars servers, there were many of people online constantly building bases and raiding eachother, I was back to posting on Planet Minecraft and fixing bugs. Over 17,500 players have Joined this version of Fortress Wars, seventeen thousand and five hundred. It was christmass 2012, I added a Christmass plugin that build an amazing snow world with gifts and Christmass trees, on the 31st of december there was an awesome fireworks show at spawn. In 2013, before I went to study for my pilot's license someone from YouTube joined my server website and sent me a YouTube video of a review he made for Fortress Wars, you can see the review here. This was Fortress Wars exactly how it was back then, thanks for MrZybez we can see how it looked like back then. Unfortunately Fortress Wars could not last forever. A lot of money was required to keep the server online, money I did not have. I decided to close the server forever.

    In 2013 I started missing Minecraft again and went back to creating (from scratch) a server and website. Ender Planet was born. Ender Planet was an exact copy of Fortress Wars except for an improved spawn, more balanced, and improved plugins. The spawn I used for Ender Planet was at first Grand Royale (SpeedCraft 3 spawn) it was later changed to an improved much smaller spawn. The new server was a lot of fun, after setting my priorities and fixing all the bugs I finally got the chance to build my base and raid a few people, taking about raiding I remember the legend of all raiders (and known client hacker) dvdclaus and his gang. This guy would raid anything he could find for kicks, he did not create a base, he created a vault and started raiding bases shortly after. Ender Planet was a very successfull server, a lot of longtime Fortress Wars players joined and loved it, even WhiteZenthon joined Ender Planet after accidentally finding it on Planet Minecraft (2 years had passed since I saw him in SpeedCraft 1). MrZybez and his wife Zandellyne joined Ender Planet and helped me with Quests and the spawn builds, MrZybez loved and was an expert at creating quests so he created and tough me how to build quests. Zandellyne was very good at building things and created a very nice enviroment below spawn, with a barracks, armory, map room and more micro builds. They were previously the owners of Omegaverse with a very large community, not a lot is clear what happened there but the server was closed. After three months Ender Planer was closed because I did not have time or money to maintain it, a lot of people from Fortress Wars were gone and did not come back. As you can see closing servers was a recurring thing with me, I had to change this.

    While I was maintaining Ender planet there was this little project I started called MineDayZ, it was a DayZ server that a lot of people enjoyed. You would join in a small room that explained the server, from here you would move to the main world with some food and a gun, yes a gun. You could walk from town to town surviving zombies and killing players with bigger guns. This is when I met veriity, she and cliblucon along with Carred20 assisted me greatly in the building of MineDayZ, I have to mention that they did a lot of work and I will always owe them for this, we built small towns, we fixed the world for hours on end and they helped advertise the server. MineDayZ was an entire new Minecraft experience, there was nothing like it. Sadly this was short lived because just like Ender Planer I could not maintain the server, a person approached me from the TreePunch network, he offered $150 for MineDayz and I decided to sell it, instead of deleting the Ender Planet server I decided to give it to him but he never used it for his network (weird because his factions server was nowhere near as good). After two months I decided to create (from scratch) another MineDayZ server, it was exactly like the first one with about 15 players online at a time, however at this point of live I had to move to Maine to finish my pilot studies, a lot was going on in my life. I was married to emixle in 2014, we had a baby in 2015 and we traveled together so I could finish my studies. Things did not go well at first, not for my studies, but with the owners of the school, we basically lost $8k. I still did manage to finish my studies and moved back to my island.

    It is now 2016, four years passed since me and littlegangstser created SpeedCraftPVP. littlegangster was gone to study (also a pilot), dvdclaus (my other cousin) was gone to study, I was now married and done studying, everything changed. Everything was perfect but something was missing. This is when I realized I had to bring the server back, no matter if everyone else quit playing, Fortress Wars had to come back. I decided to change the name from Fortress Wars to Nimania. A lot of legacy users loved Fortress Wars and did not know but Nimania was but liked the new server, it was just like Fortress Wars in many ways and had the same core idea to it.

    This is where we are now. Nimania will stay online for as long as it can, I have a job and am maintaining the server. I hope anyone that plays here really enjoys the server, Minecraft is fun and can teach you a lot of good things. There are a lot of fun and crazy things that happened through the years, I am convinced the best has yet to come. This is how it all began, the history of Nimania.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by zaxome, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. benji
    Omg you're married? Also this was amazing to read, Zax.
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  2. zaxome
    Yep. Thanks :)
  3. Carred20
    Good feels from this one
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  4. arothejew
    good feels for sure. I'm glad to find a server with a dedicated staff who wants to create the best experience possible for players.
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  5. zaxome
    It's almost unbelievable when you say it that way xD. But yes, that was the idea from the start.

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