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Explorer - Historical

Applied By zaxome: Oct 28, 2016 at 5:17 AM


The Explorer is the third rank available in the server. The following perks and permissions are available to an Explorer.

  • You can create a maximum of 30 cannons or mortars.
  • You can create 15 market chests instead of 10.
  • You will receive two new jobs: Explorer and Farmer
  • Cannons will auto reload if a chest of projectiles (cobblestone) is places next to it.
  • Cannons will fire at where you are aiming.
  • The max level for the Builder and Digger jobs will be increased to 110.
  • You can /msg multiple players at the same time.
  • Four new /trails will be unlocked: White- Note - Snow - Water
  • You can teleport to your last death location with /back.
  • You can use 'free' signs.
  • You can destroy mobspawners with TNT to get the spawner.
  • You can now set three homes instead of two.
  • You can use /workbench anywhere.
  • You can travel to Everton using the boat at the Azmar Docks.
  • You can rent or buy a house at Everton
  • You can catch four new mob types: Villager - Irongolem - Snowgolem - Squid
  • You can change Mob Spawners to: Zombie - Spider

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