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Forum Rules

Oct 3, 2016
Forum Rules
  • Forum Rules
    Last Updated: May 24th, 2016 [zaxome]

    General Rules:
    • This is a Minecraft server forums, please remember that at all times.
    • Alternate accounts are not allowed, only 1 account per IP Address.
    • Forum user account should be the same as Minecraft in-game name.
    • Disrespect towards another user anywhere on the Nimania website or server is not allowed through the means of personal messaging, through the forums, or even through post-rating.
    • Bullying is not allowed.
    • Blackmailing or threatening other players is not allowed.
    • Sharing personal information on the Nimania. Forum website is at your own risk.
    • Remember: Your behavior and actions define Nimania as a community; think before you do anything stupid to ruin your reputation or your status on Nimania.
    Chat Related:
    • Use English in the main chat, you can speak other languages through personal messages.
    • Keep the use of profanity in chat discussions to a minimum.
    • Racism, bigotry, personal threats, or other forms of hate speech are strictly prohibited on Nimania Server. This includes racist names, skins, nudity, pornography, images, graphics.
    • Post farming is not allowed. i.e consecutive amount of posts spammed within a specific time frame, in aims to have a higher post count than someone else.
    • Intentional disrespect towards other players is not allowed.
    • Selling any products for money through the MineHeroes Server forums is not allowed.
    • Advertisements to other servers, websites, YouTube channels, or products is not allowed, with the exception of content media and showcasing. i.e YouTube video showcases.
    • All forum posts must be at least 1 full sentence (a minimum of 5 words). That means a subject and a predicate. Staff are completely exempt from this as they may be answering questions with yes/no, etc.
    All chat Rules apply to public chat, private messaging (msg) faction chat, friend chat, the forums and all types of chat associated on Nimania, whether it be public or private.

    Post Rating:
    • Abuse of the post-rating feature is not allowed
    • Spammed use of ratings on multiple posts of a single user is not allowed.

    Content Related:
    • All content is to be posted in the correct forum section.
    • Templates are to be used when appropriate.
    • Encouraging rule breaking or abuse of game play is not allowed. I.e showing the community how to hack, dupe, break Rules, etc.
    • Do not post content that you do not right fully own without giving credit to the correct/original owner. This is considered plagiarism, and can be punishable.
    • No offensive comments/material in forum signatures
    • Forum signatures should not be larger than 300 pixels in height.
    • Bumping threads are only allowed once every 24 hours.
    • Necroing threads (reviving dead threads, or threads that are 3 months or older) is not allowed.
    • Starting, encouraging and contributing to server drama discussions is strictly prohibited and not allowed. Doing so will result in the thread being locked, continuous drama threads will result in a ban.
    • Threads made to insult, offend or hurt other players, the staff, the community or the server is not allowed and will be locked/removed from public view on first offense and result in a ban on the server forums/in game.
    • Farewell/goodbye or temporary leave threads are not allowed. This is because it just allows users to post-farm/spam goodbyes and most players that start these threads don't actually leave or come back after a few months.
    • Posting more than once in a row isn't allowed. Use the edit button.

    • Depending on the severity, if any of the Rules above are broken, you will be warned, then temp-banned from the forums on first offense.
    • If repeated, you will be permanently banned.
    • The staff follow a list of consequences according to the server Rules, however, some consequences can vary and will do depending on the situation.

    Reporting and Appealing:
    • If you see a player(s) breaking any Nimania server or forum Rules, you are expected to report them on the forums or to staff immediately. Encouraging players to continue breaking the Rules, will result in you being punished as well.
    • If you see a member(s) of the staff team abusing their powers, rights, you are expected to report them on the forums or to a higher staff member immediately.
    • You must be able to provide proof for your player or staff complaint/report. Skype screenshots / logs are not considered sufficient proof unless there is a staff witness.
    • If you feel that your punishment was not justified or incorrect, you are allowed to appeal for it to be revoked/changed or shortened.
    • Temporary bans cannot be appealed for, unless you believe it is invalid.
    • If you wish to admit and apologize for breaking the Rules through an appeal in attempt to get unbanned (on a permanent ban), you must wait at least 2 weeks before doing so.
    • Bans for advertisements or DDoS threats/discussions or any other user interaction violations, cannot be appealed for.
    • Do not spam ban reports.
      • You may report players through a personal message to anyone on the staff team: Click Here.
      • You may also report players through the support ticket system: Click Here.
    • We have records/logs and keep track of all forum activity. Including personal messages.
    • Whilst your privacy is preserved with us, we will monitor all content on this website to ensure that the Rules are being followed.
    • Again, sharing personal information is at your own risk.
    Appealing forum bans:

    To get unbanned on the forums, submit an email to: support@nimania.net
    Be sure to include your name, the reason you're banned for and why you deserve to be unbanned.

    The Nimania Forum Rules are always being updated, please continue to revisit this page on a regular basis for updates and changes. There is no excuse for not knowing the forum Rules.

    By using the Nimania website/forums, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined on this Rules page and all other Nimania rule sections.

    If there are any rule suggestions to be posted here, please notify us here.
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