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Mar 21, 2017
  • Guest

    When you join Nimania you will be a Guest. Apart of the usual permissions a guest of any server has, the following perks and permissions are uniquely available to a Guest in Nimania.

    • You can create a maximum of 5 cannons or mortars.
    • You can create a maximum of 5 market chest shops.
    • You an join the /lottery that draws once a day.
    • You can create private chests.
    • The different type of /trails will be unlocked: Heart - Angry - Magic - Fun - Cloud
    • You can use the mini map.
    • You can become a Vampire and use all vampire features.
    • You start with two jobs, Miner and Woodcutter.
    • You can place mob spawners.
    • You can use color codes in chat and /msg.
    • You can use /recipe to find out how to craft certain items.
    • You can use /realname to view the real name of a player.
    • You can catch six basic mobs: Pig - Sheep - Cow - Chicken - Bat - Rabbit

    If you want to know more about a perk or permission or want to suggest something to be added please use the Suggestions & Feedback forum.
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