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The World

Oct 3, 2016
The World
  • The World

    Map Number:
    Map 23 (Started 2 PM EST, Friday May 20th, 2016 - PRESENT)
    Minecraft Version: 1.10

    Reset post:

    Custom World Generation
    We stopped having custom worlds around 5 maps ago but we made an effort to bring it back to Nimania simple factions. This time, there are less oceans and larger biomes. Custom deserts and forests of all shapes and sizes!



    World Sizes
    • Main World: 10,000 x 10,000 (Center is 0,0)
    • Nether World: 10,000 x, 10,000 (Center is 0,0)
    • End World: 10,000 x 10,000 (Center is 0,0)
    World are generated with flat bedrock. All corners of each world cannot be claimed but can be built on. The end world is flat endstone (no void) from Y:1 to Y:40.

    New market
    A new shop has been built and optimized to improve FPS and accessibility. Finding the items you need is now quicker than ever! Prices of certain items have been adjusted to the new map. Just type /market to begin.


    • Server version is 1.10 (Users on 1.8 , 1.9 and 1.10 will be allowed to join)
    • Picking up lava with buckets has been re-enabled.
    • Fence/cactus clipping fixed.
    • Cannoning experience heavily looked into and improved for factions Map 15.
    • Falling blocks height set to a max of 255 to prevent roof raiding.
    • Natural mob spawners can be mined by players with a silk-touch pickaxe.
    • Mushroomcow and slime spawners will work/spawn in any biome.
    • Lava is now sponge-able (like water).
    • Sponges break instantly.
    • Worldborder bypass with combat tag fixed.
    • Walls no longer bleed - This means that explosions only damage 1 protected wall.
    • Clearlag removes all items on the ground.
    • Water and Lava buckets no longer stack.
    • Nether portals can only be created anywhere instead of only faction claims.
    • Drinkable potions do not stack anymore.
    • Withers are enabled.
    • Knockback enchantment is enabled.
    • TnTFill exploits patched.
    • Lava flow is the same speed as vanilla.
    • Spawn kept to a minimal and simple design.
    • New combat tag system. Less buggy.
    • New anti-glitching/pearling and anti v-clipping patch.
    • Misc bugs and exploits fixed.
    • Creepers can no longer blow up obsidian protected by a faction.
    Faction Changes
    • NEW FACTION RULE: 20 chunk buffer limit to all faction claims. This means you must limit your claims to 20 chunks consecutively in each direction from the center of your base. Failing to do so will result in a warning to unclaim it. 2nd warning will result in the claim being unclaimed by an Admin.
    • New command to manage faction permissions: /f perm (To view current permission settings)
    • /f perm [options] (Modify permissions)
    • Larger /f map menu.
    • New command: /f officer (Acts like /f mod)
    • New rank. Faction Co-Owner. /f coowner <name> - This rank can do everything owner can do except kick/demote owners of a faction. It can even give owner to a faction member. (Useful for when faction owners have to leave their faction and don't want to give ownership their faction members, they can just set a co-Owner.) (Owner prefix is now ***, and Co-Owner Prefix is now **)
    • Entering/leaving faction territory also appears in action bar.
    • There is now a length limit of faction player titles.
    • /f top re-enabled.
    • Minimum power set to -20, (previously -10)
    • Max faction member limit is now 20 players (previously 15)
    • Players that login in neutral/enemy terrirtoy get sent to /spawn (This is to prevent players form logging alts into bases)
    • /f claimline limit increased to 10.
    • Lever and button added to list of faction protected blocks.
    • Claiming outside of vanilla border fixed.
    • Power is now displayed in /f show
    • Claiming in the nether is disabled.
    • Lava will no longer flow in the warzone. (To prevent players cobble monstering the warzone)
    • Faction inactivity timer increased to 30 days (previously 21) - (This is the days until players are kicked from a faction for inactivity.)
    • New claims for KOTH and Corners of the maps.
    • Aesthetic updates to look more visually pleasing.
    • A lot of performance optimizations to reduce lag from the factions plugin.
    • All pvp related McMMO Skills have been enabled.
    • McMMO /repair command is no longer blocked and working again.
    Reset Settings
    TnT and Creeper Egg explosions will be disabled during the first week to allow players to prepare their factions. Supply crates will also be disabled during the first week as the rewards will be buffed a lot.
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